The Council consists of the Principal, parent and teacher representatives elected on a two-year basis. Guildford has four elected parent members on the School Council. Meetings are held every term.

The parent representatives have to be financial members of the P&C Association – by paying the levy at the beginning of each school year – and are elected through this Association. The teachers are elected by their peers within the school.

The main function of the School Council is to set and ratify priorities for the School Development Plan each year in accordance with the wishes of the parent and teacher bodies.

The School Council has advisory powers in regard to school budgets and curriculum in so far as they effect the educational priority areas identified.

The School Council formulates, as the basis for its planning, a brief statement of the School’s purpose, otherwise known as the Mission Statement.

The School Council representatives are there to represent the views of the parents and teachers.

The School Council does not formulate educational strategies to meet the identified Priority Areas. This is the responsibility of the teaching staff. It does not act as an information or grievance channel to be utilised by parents or staff, except in those areas identified as functions of the School Council.

It does not have a role in the administrative operations of the school.