Guildford Primary School strives to provide a safe, friendly learning environment for students and staff. As a staff we will seek to establish partnerships with parents to provide a relevant and inclusive education. We will strive to develop values in children that embody;

  • Respect for others and their rights
  • Acceptance and respect of ourselves
  • Cooperative learning and behaviour
  • Care for each other and the environment.
  • Always doing our best

The school is committed to assisting children reach their full potential and recognising that each child is an individual at different stages of development.

The school motto is Truth, Trust and Tradition


We value each person’s truth and respect their difference


We trust all our school community to have our student’ best interests at heart


We celebrate how things were, with a view to an amazing future

School Community

Guildford Primary School is a level 4A school located in the North Metropolitan Region. The location of the school approximately 500 meters from the Railway Station and next to the Swan and Helena rivers reflects the classic turn of the century pattern of an urban village. The School is highly valued as an integral part of the historic village of Guildford for its location, setting and design. It was founded in 1833 and is the oldest continually operating government school in Western Australia.

There are currently 291 children from Years K-6 students enrolled at the school. The school has a welcoming, family orientated atmosphere that has a very supportive parent body.

Traditionally the school has had very experienced teachers. The School is regarded as a preferred school for teachers as they appreciate the high academic and behaviour standards achieved by the children. The school offers programs in Physical Education, Visual Arts and Indonesian. Other programs include Peer Mediation and Peer Support with an emphasis on cooperative learning. Music is also offered to selected students in Years 6 through the School of Instrumental Music

The School Council meets regularly and consists of four parents, two staff and the Principal. The P&C are very active with building, fund raising and grounds development. The parents are very supportive of the various cross country carnivals, athletics carnivals, assemblies and interschool sport.