Purchasing Uniforms

Uniform Order Form 2023

In an attempt to limit the amount of P&C funds tied up as stock, the uniform shop operates on minimal stock levels. The parent body is encouraged to purchase uniforms via the pre-order system.

The shop opens on every fortnight (even weeks) from 8.20am to 9.00am.

It is also open on additional days at the beginning of the school year.                                                  

  • Payment can be made by cash or direct debit. Please note, no change is available from the front office.
  • Payments by QKR or direct debit to the P&C uniform account:
  • A/C. BSB: 066 109 A/C: 1001 6851
  • Please put your child’s name as a reference on the direct debit payment.
  • Order forms can be downloaded Uniform Order Form 2023 or obtained from the front office.
  • QKR & Email/EFT Orders between uniform shop opening days, will be filled and available for pickup a the next uniform shop opening.
  • QKR & Email/EFT Orders not collected at uniform shop opening days, will be given to the school front office and you will be contacted re collection or the items will be given to your child to bring home.
  • PAYMENTS: QKR(recommended), EFT or CASH.

Nikita Campbell

Uniform Shop Coordinator