8.50am school commences
10.50am – 11.10am is recess
1.10pm – 1.50pm Lunch
3.00pm school finishes

Kindergarten times

8.50am School day commences

2.50pm School day ends

Kindergarten finishes at 2.50 pm to allow time for parents to get to the main school before the end of the school day.

At the end of the school day if a student is not collected they will be supervised at the front of the school, inside the school grounds. Students who are not collected by parents/caregivers at 3.20pm will wait in the school office where parents/caregivers can collect them.

Absence from school

Guildford Primary School uses mobile phone Short Message Service (SMS) to send text messages to parents/guardians/caregivers to notify them of an unexplained absence or late arrival of their child. Parents will be informed by mobile phone SMS each time their child is absent when an explanation has not already been provided to the school.

Parents can send a text explaining their child’s absence to 0407 388 021. Please advise your child’s name, room number, date and reason for absence. If your child is absent and a written reason has been provided before the time the SMS is due to be sent (9.00am), you will not receive a text message.

Guildford Primary School introduced SMS communications to build on existing attendance procedures and to ensure that parents are notified as soon as possible if their child is absent from school without an explanation. This system has been shown to assist in making schools (and parents) more aware of where students are and improve student attendance. These factors will enhance learning opportunities for all students and contribute to their safety.

Arrival to school

It is important that children arrive at school with enough time for a settling period prior to the commencement of lessons. Children then have time to organise their books, pencils, etc and experience the classroom as an informal learning environment. Once teaching has commenced, a timetable with established routines operates and children arriving late not only miss the commencement of lessons but also interrupt the remainder of the class. Students who arrive after 8.50am are considered late and need to obtain a late pass from Administration.

Children should not arrive at school before 8.30am. Classrooms are not opened until 8.40am. Children arriving at 8:30am are to sit in the courtyard area where they are supervised by the Deputy or Principal.