Communication with our parents

An important aspect of the school’s operating procedure is the fostering of a healthy, constructive, home-school relationship. We welcome your involvement in your child’s education and we operate with an ‘open door’ policy which welcomes discussion, comments and suggestions.

Parents are invited and encouraged to participate in special activities or functions that are held during the course of the year. Some teachers welcome the assistance of interested parents in classroom activities. These activities include listening to oral reading, assisting with maths, art/craft and accompanying students on class excursions or camps. Please indicate to the class teacher your willingness to assist.

Matters of concern are usually best clarified by direct discussion. We request that parents do not interrupt classes during lesson time. Approaches to teachers before school to discuss major concerns and issues prior to the start of the day are not encouraged, as this is when preparation for the day is being conducted and privacy

Guildford Primary School uses Connect which is a secure online program developed by the Department of Education to communicate with staff, students and parents in public schools. Connect provides easy access to information relevant to your child’s classes and learning such as assessments, teacher feedback and attendance data.

Connect keeps you updated with important information. Newsletters, up-coming events, excursions/incursions and classroom activities are sent via Connect. Login details for Connect is sent to parents via the email address we have on file.