Selamat datang (Welcome)

At Guildford Primary School, the language taught is Indonesian. The Indonesian language program gives students an introduction to the national language and culture of our closest neighbour.

All students from Year One to Year Six participate in a weekly Indonesian lesson. This is taught in a dedicated Language classroom under the instruction of an Indonesian language specialist teacher.

Students are provided with opportunities to develop the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to:

*           communicate effectively by speaking, listening, reading and writing in Indonesian

*           develop their intercultural capabilities through an understanding of the language and culture, and how they relate to each other in communication

*           foster a deeper appreciation and respect for diversity and differences of other cultures

Students are engaged and immersed in the Indonesian language and culture by participating in a variety of activities and learning experiences.  Some examples of these include cooking, singing, playing traditional games, and celebrating Indonesian Independence Day and other significant cultural events.

At Guildford Primary School, we believe that learning a second language is not only beneficial, but essential for the development of global citizens in today’s interconnected world. We are proud to offer Indonesian language classes to our students as part of the Western Australian Curriculum: Languages.

“Teaching children Indonesian is not only an investment in their future but an investment in a brighter, more interconnected, and culturally enriched world.”